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    Product Centre

    Protein essence, source of nutrition, quality is high due to altitude, and strive for excellence

    Sodium Caseinate

    Sodium Caseinate

    Description:Product description:Sodium caseinate is a pure natural nutrient enhancer made from yak cheese protein and refined by scientific methods.It is a kind of high quality milk protein product,not only provides calcium supplement, but also provides the necessary amino acids for the body,which has the dual functions of calcium supplement and protein supplement.

  • Indicator name


  • Protein(in dry basis)


  • Moisture %


  • Fat%


  • Ash%


  • lactose


  • pH


  • calcium


  • arsenic


  • lead


  • The total number of bacteria


  • Coliform group


  • Pathogenic bacteria

    not be detected

  • Other information

    Packing: "Hua An" brand 25KG pearl film woven bag with polyethylene non-toxic plastic lining bag, external composite bag, net weight 25KG

    Storage: Store in cool, dry conditions to prevent moisture and mildew

    Transport: Highways, railways

    Shelf life: two years from the date of production under suitable storage conditions

    Range of application

    Application: As a calcium source additive and protein supplement, it is widely used in health products and pharmaceutical industry.Due to its thickening, emulsifying and foaming properties, calcium caseinate can be used as a food additive in food processing industries such as nutritional drinks, cheese, yoghurt and bread.

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